Brow Enhancement History, Shaping, Tinting, Staining, Lamination – Now Offered at Pinups & Needles Traverse City, MI

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The History of Eyebrow Enhancement: As early as 3500 BCE the Egyptians were enhancing their brows with carbon and black oxide. Greeks and Romans also placed emphasis on brows as part of beauty, revering and even exaggerating the unibrow. Conversely, in the middle ages, brows were plucked to almost non-existence to increase the appearance of a domed forehead. In the 20th and 21st centuries, brows have gone back and forth between pencil thin and au-naturale. They shift with the trends just as much as clothing!

brow enhancement traverse city michigan esthetician brow lamination

Shape: There’s no such thing as the “right” shape, just the right shape for you! Everyone’s natural brows are different, with natural shape and hair growth patterns. There’s no gender to eyebrows or eyebrow grooming, so don’t worry!

Tint: Like the hair on the top of your head, your brows can be tinted, too! Make them match your dye job, or even just darken them up a little bit so that you can ditch the colored gel. Depending on your lifestyle and skincare routine, results may last 4 weeks or more.

Stain: Similar to a tint, this process colors both the hair and the skin beneath. This makes your brows look soft and filled in, with no effort on your part! The stain stays on the skin for up to 2 weeks, and the hair stays colored for 4 or more. Like tinting, the longevity of results is dependent upon your lifestyle and skincare routine.
Lamination: Unruly brows be gone! Using a gentle chemical solution similar to a perm, your esthetician will brush your brows into place. Then, after the process is complete, a quick brush is all it takes to keep ‘em tame.

brow enhancement traverse city michigan esthetician brow lamination