Charles Comber – “Baby Handz”

Body Art Technician Master

Charlie has been tattooing since 2008 and was given the nick name “Baby Handz” due to his extremely light hand.

Charlie specializes in:

Fine line
Vibrant color
Original art
Black and grey

Charles "Baby Handz" Comber

    Are we able to text this phone number?

    I am aware that Charles is fully booked out 1+ years in advance

    When are you looking to book? Please give a few dates and times - ***Keep in mind that he is fully booked out 10+ months

    I am aware that the minimum to book with Charles is $100

    Are you requesting a custom drawing from Charles for the piece?
    yesno, I am sending my design in

    I am aware that there is a drawing fee of $20 and up for a custom drawing

    Example photos of drawings, tattoos, styles you like

    Photos of the area to be tattooed