Jake Shafer – “Ragnarok”

Body Art Technician

Jake “Ragnarok” Shafer began tattooing in 2016 as a street artist in Detroit. Eventually he moved his way to Traverse City to further pursue his career. Jake joined the dream team at Pinups & Needles in 2021, to learn advanced techniques to master multiple areas of his career, under master tattoo artist Charles “Baby Handz” Comber.  Jake has a wide range of specialties but he particularly enjoys tattooing neotraditional and color pieces.

Jake specializes in:

Vibrant color work
Fine line detail
Cover ups
Black & Grey

    Are we able to text this phone number?

    I am aware that Jake is fully booked out 1+ weeks in advance

    When are you looking to book? Please give a few dates and times

    I am aware that the minimum to book with Jake is $100

    Are you requesting a custom drawing from Jake for the piece?
    yesno, I am sending my design in

    I am aware that there is a drawing fee of $20 and up for a custom drawing

    Example photos of drawings, tattoos, styles you like

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