Today’s assignment is to create a finished sheet to display in your apprentice book.

*Use the example to the right and the previous slide photo for a guideline*

  • From the lesson #1 flash designs you made, create 1 flash sheet with all designs laid out nicely for clients to pick from
  • Label the sheet appropriately with a title on the header and website on the footer
  • RGB Web version for social sharing purposes
  • CMYK Print version for physical shop flash

Each layout should be 8.5×11 inches, 300 dpi for print versions and 72 dpi for web versions.

Once approved by the master, place in a clear coat insert, then into your apprentice book.


Your apprentice book will continue to fill with finished products during the duration of your apprenticeship.  The point of creating this book is to:

  • Show the lessons you accomplished throughout your apprenticeship
  • Display the progression of your development as a body art technician
  • To have a complete book of fully custom designs to share, promote, and do clean, beautiful tattoos right out of the gate!
  • By sharing your journey, you will grow your following, put your own creations out into the world and have a list of willing clients when you start tattooing human skin.

This is an exciting time and although there will be many challenges and rough spots ahead, it is a journey worth sticking to and doing your absolute best throughout the course!

Take some time to create an 8.5×11” cover sheet for your apprentice book.  Put your name, the website :, and some photo(s) that represent you.  This will be displayed in the shop at all times for clients to view.