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Lectro Chi Single Session



Lectro Chi Ionic Detox Spa


What Your Session Includes

30 minute cleanse + 10 minute energy ionic foot spa

What the spa is composed of:

Ionic Spa – The Lectro Chi Premier Pro Energy Ionic Spa was designed to be used 24/7 – 365 days a year. The Lectro Chi Pro Energy Ionic Spa is designed for clinical settings, including but not limited to chiropractic, holistic practitioners, massage therapists, spas, wellness clinics, and even family use.

The Lectro Chi Premier Energy Ionic Spa is designed to work on the principles of bio-energy, ionization, and electrolysis.

The energy produced by the Lectro Chi Premier Energy Ionic Spa resonates throughout the water at a frequency specific to each individual receiving a session. The energized water helps to re-balance the body’s energy meridians and will allow your body’s cells to be energized and oxygenated.

Healthy oxygenated cells are extremely resistant to disease, illness, and early aging.

Dead Sea Salt Minerals – Lectro Life Technologies Dead Sea Salt is harvested from the southern Dead Sea in Israel where the mineral content is the highest. The unique composition of minerals is the reason Dead Sea Salt has become famous for its many natural therapeutic properties.

Water Module – Lectro Chi water modules are skillfully manufactured in the USA with the highest quality materials available. We start with 8 ft. of double insulated copper conductive cable, add a 1/4″ insulated commercial plug, and finish with 3 surgical stainless steel plates. The combination of copper conductive cable and the surgical stainless steel plates insures the steady flow of uncontaminated DC current.

Zeo Terrain Drink – ZeoTerrain is a unique formulation of ingredients exclusive to any product of its kind! ZeoTerrain’s ingredients are specifically combined to promote cellular hydration, pH balance, and cellular mineral repair – supportive of both inter-cellular and extra-cellular pH balancing. The mineral base is completely colloidal (bio-available) which is b

eneficial in helping remove cellular acids and increasing cellular respiration.







10 session discount = $400 = $50 discount



Overall Wellness For Life – 15 sessions/month – $450/month = $225 discount

(setup on auto pay to credit card or Paypal)*it is the client’s responsibility to cancel the recurring payment before next due date*




To Detox means to eliminate toxins from your body, improve health, and promote weight loss. … Your body has a sophisticated way of eliminating toxins that involves the liver, kidneys, digestive system, skin, and lungs. Still, only when these organs are healthy, can they effectively eliminate unwanted substances.

The exposure to toxic chemicals and heavy metals is the source of toxicity in the body. After years of exposure and ingestion of these substances, the body becomes less efficient in eliminating these toxins and they are stored in the liver, body fat, or other parts of the body. The result is symptomatic of illness, chronic conditions, and sometimes death.



The effective use of detoxification techniques can make the difference between an effective healing program and endless frustration resulting in failure. The Lectro Chi Premier Energy Ionic Spa is an invaluable tool to any individual seeking a successful detoxification; however, it must be understood that any detoxification will only be successful with a well-planned and executed protocol.


DO NOT ATTEMPT detoxification or body cleanse without the strict protocol provided and monitored by a holistic healing practitioner, doctor, or detoxification expert. Detoxification or body cleanses may be accompanied with moderate to severe pain, emotional swings, and peculiar physiological conditions. An experienced practitioner will help you through the process to insure the success of your detoxification program.


For individuals seeking a successful detoxification program or body cleanse it is recommended to make gradual and positive lifestyle changes for a couple of months prior to detoxification. These include and are not limited to the following:


Run a maximum of one 40 minute Lectro Chi session every 2 – 3 days

Consume healthier foods

Get regular, healthy, physical exercise.

Refrain from toxic substances (tobacco, illicit drugs, fatty foods, etc.)

Nurture yourself spiritually.

Nurture yourself emotionally.

Implement Yoga, Pilate’s, or breathing exercises into your daily routine.


By making the simple changes listed above any detoxification program will easily integrate into your lifestyle. The rewards of successful detoxification can include increased health and longevity, a sense of well-being that resonates throughout your whole body.


Why Detox?

Regardless of where we live, our environment is more polluted than at any time in history and this trend is not changing. The air we inhale, the water we drink, the food we eat, plus all things we touch or use contain residue from petrochemicals, pesticides, herbicides, toxins, heavy metals and other chemicals. The accumulation of these toxins in our body contributes to our overall decline in health and quality of life.

It is only logical that an ongoing detoxification program may reduce the incidence of chronic degenerative disease and improve our overall quality of life.

Clarity of mind

Weight loss

Restful sleep

Bad breath/body odor

Minimize food cravings


Sinus congestion

Body and muscle aches



Memory loss

Rashes, eczema, itchy patches

Lack of concentration





Balance your mood, balance your mind, balance your body…Be the YOU you were meant to be!


Are there any precautions or warnings?

The Lectro Chi Premier Energy Ionic Spa was designed and engineered to be used by most individuals; however, there are exceptions.


  • Individuals with pacemakers.
  • Individuals who have received an organ transplant.
  • Individuals with a heart condition.
  • Individuals taking heart regulating medication
  • Individuals with arrhythmia
  • Individuals with electronic implants
  • Individuals who are pregnant or lactating.
  • Individuals who are prone to psychotic episodes.
  • Individuals who have experienced seizures.
  • Individuals with open wounds or sores on their feet.


  • All individuals should be well hydrated before a session.
  • All individuals should drink a mineral cocktail before, during, or after a session.
  • Diabetics and individuals with low blood sugar should eat a meal or healthy snack before a session.
  • If an individual experiences dizziness, headache, or nausea during a session, end the session immediately. The individual can retry again in a couple of days with a shorter session. The goal is to gradually increase the duration of each session until the individual can enjoy the benefits of a full session.
  • Never reuse session water.
  • Always keep the Lectro Chi Premier Energy Ionic Spa power supply away from water. Included is a water module with an 8 foot cable to insure a safe operating distance.
  • Always place the Lectro Chi Premier Energy Ionic Spa power supply on dry, level, and stable operating surface.
  • Never handle the Lectro Chi Premier Energy Ionic Spa with wet hands.


Why Does the Color Change?

The water color change is attributed to the water becoming excited when it is ionized by the water module and its reaction with the minerals in the water and toxins that are released by the body. The color is dependent upon water quality and mineral content, plus your general health condition.

While the color change and material floating in the water are important to help determine what areas are being detoxed, the success of the session is better determined by the color change in the urine and the overall positive change in the symptomatic problems of the treated individual.

During a Lectro Chi Premier Energy Ionic Spa session the session water may go through multiple physical changes. Below is a simple water color chart corresponding with the material or body part that may be detoxifying. Note that certain minerals in the water may also result in different coloration.

The chart below gives an example of what many experts believe the colors are attributed to.


Why do I feel energized or fatigued after a session?


People often feel either energized or fatigued after a session. Most detoxification is the result of positive ions being released in the body. When the body tissues begin to release toxins, the body will feel fatigue as it becomes overloaded in the attempt to void these toxins from the body. The energized feeling is due to the body receiving more negative ions that energize the body.


Does the Lectro Chi Premier Energy Ionic spa remove only harmful toxins from the body?

No… The process will remove both harmful and good minerals from the body. The technology does not discriminate against which minerals are being removed. During a session your body may release toxic minerals such as cadmium, lead, copper, arsenic, and mercury. However, your body may also release beneficial minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, boron, etc.


This is why it is imperative that you replace the beneficial minerals. We have formulated the ZeoTerrain for this very reason. This product needs to be used prior to doing a Lectro Chi ionic spa session.

I recently had rotator cuff surgery. I continued to experience pain in my shoulder after the surgery. After several ionic spa sessions the pain was gone. Why would this happen?

It could be several reasons. One explanation is toxins tend to collect in damaged tissue and organs. These toxins may have been contributing to the pain, and prolonging the healing process in your shoulder. By detoxing the shoulder tissue, the body could begin healing itself.


What is heavy metal poisoning?

Heavy metal poisoning is the underlying cause for many symptomatic illnesses and diseases. There are many individual metals causing varying degrees of illness based on acute and chronic exposures. Symptoms of heavy metal toxicity include pain in muscles and joints, chronic fatigue, headaches, vision problems, mental confusion, short-term memory loss, gastrointestinal upsets, food allergies, and multiple other symptoms.

The fact is that all heavy metals are toxic and our bodies require special transport and handling mechanisms to keep them from harming us. The Lectro Chi Premier Energy Ionic Spa is an excellent tool to help facilitate heavy metal detoxification. The effectiveness of the Lectro Chi Premier Energy Ionic Spa depends on but is not limited to the factors below:

  • Organ or body part that needs detoxed
  • Current health and physical condition
  • Spiritual strength
  • Emotional state
  • Hydration
  • Diet
  • Supplementation
  • Prescription Pharmaceuticals

If you are concerned about heavy metal poisoning, please seek a professional who is trained in heavy metal detoxification. Many diseases and conditions share common symptoms. If you are new to heavy metal detoxification and you attempt self-diagnoses, the chances are high that you will misdiagnose yourself for the wrong illness. Specific symptoms can be shared by many complex diseases.

Below is a chart of physical and mental conditions corresponding to the heavy metal causing the affliction:

Symptom Heavy Metal
Brain and Central Nervous System
Neurofibrillary tangles Aluminum
Neuritis, retrobulbar neuritis; neuropathy Aluminum, Arsenic, Thallium
Encephalopathy Aluminum, Arsenic, Lead, Thallium
Cerebrovascular disease X metals
Alterations in nerve conduction velocity Lead
Alterations in the spinal cord Thallium
Assumulates in CNS structures Aluminum, Mercury
Abnormal EEGs Arsenic, Lead
Autonomic disturbances Copper, Lead, Mercury, Thallium
Peripheral Nervous System
Peripheral neuropathy Arsenic, Mercury
Alterations in peripheral nerves Arsenic
Loss of feeling/numbness in the extremities; paresthesia Arsenic, Mercury, Thallium
Gastrointestinal Tract
Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea; loss of appetite Arsenic, Copper, Mercury, Thallium
Abdominal pain, stomach cramps; burning of the throat and mouth Arsenic, Copper, Lead, Mercury, Thallium
Esophagitis; gastroenteritis; colitis Arsenic, Mercury, Thallium
Cancers (colon, pancreatic, stomach, or rectal) Arsenic
Renal and Hepatic Impairment
Hepatotoxicity; liver dysfunction, damage Arsenic, Copper, Thallium
Cirrhosis of the liver; hepatitis Copper
Kidney disease; kidney failure Arsenic, Lead, Mercury
Renal toxicity; tubular proteinosis Arsenic, Copper, Lead
Kidney damage, histological alterations Arsenic, Lead
Cardiovascular System
Blood vessel damage Arsenic
Anemia; decreased red blood cell count Arsenic, Copper
Lead Hypertension; increased heart rate(tachycardia) Arsenic, Copper, Lead, Thallium
Peripheral vascular disease; cardiovascular disease, vascular collapse Arsenic, Lead
Respiratory System
Pulmonary fibrosis Aluminum, Arsenic
Pulmonary endema X metals
Pneumonia, laryngitis, pharyngitis,bronchitis Aluminum, Arsenic, Mercury
Restrictive airway disorders, asmaticconditions, neumoconisis Arsenic, Aluminum
Respiratory tract disorders Arsenic
Nasal ulcers, perforation of the nasalseptum X metals
Immune System
Increased incidences of asthma,autoimmune-like symptoms, & allergies X metals
Inhibition of lymphocytes, T-cells,monocytes X metals
Immunosuppression Lead
Decreased white blood cell count Arsenic, Thallium
Reproductive System
Genital abnormalities Aluminum, Thallium
Disturbances in menstrual cycle; menstrual pains Copper, Mercury
Birth defects; premature births;spontaneous abortion Arsenic, Lead, Mercury
Reproductive dysfunction Arsenic, Aluminum, Cadmium, Lead
Psychiatric Disturbances
Social Deficits, Social Withdrawal Mercury
Repetitive, perseverative, stereotyped behaviors, OCD-typical behaviors Mercury
Depression, mood swings, flat affect;impaired facial recognition Arsenic, Copper, Lead, Mercury
Scizoid tendencies; hallucinations; delirium Mercury
Irritability, aggressive behaviors, tempertantrums Lead, Mercury
Suicidal behavior Copper, Mercury
Sleep difficulties/disturbances Lead, Mercury, Thallium
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome(CFS);weakness, malaise Aluminum, Arsenic, Cadmium, Copper, Lead, Mercury, Thallium
Anorexia; symptoms reflecting eatingdisorders, loss of appetite/weight Arsenic, Lead, Mercury
Anxiety; nervous tendencies Thallium
Attentional problems (ADHD), lacks eyecontact, impaired visual fixation Lead, Mercury
Speech and Language Deficits
Speech Disorders Aluminum, Mercury
Loss of Speech, developmental problemswith language Mercury
Speech comprehension deificts Mercury
Dysarthria; articulation problems; slurredspeech, unintelligible speech Mercury
Cognitive Impairments
Mental retardation, borderline intelligence Arsenic, Lead, Mercury
Uneven performance on IQ scores, low IQ scores Copper, Lead
Poor concentration, attention deficits(ADHD), response inhibition Aluminum, Lead
Poor memory (short term, verbal andauditory) Aluminum, Lead
Difficulties understanding abstract ideas; difficulty carrying out complex commands X metals
Dementia; pre-senile and senile dementia Aluminum
Stupor Aluminum
Impaired reaction time; lower performance on timed tests Lead
Sensory Abnormalities
Abnormal sensations in the mouth and extremities Arsenic
Hearing loss, difficulty hearing Arsenic, Lead, Mercury
Abnormal touch sensations; diminishedtouch sensations, aversion to touch Arsenic
Blurred vision, sensitivity to light Arsenic, Mercury
Motor Disorders
Choreiform movements, myoclonal jerks,unusual postures Copper, Mercury
Difficutly walking, swallowing, talking,flapping, circuling, rocking, toe walking Copper, Mercury
Problems with intentional movements orimitation Mercury
Abnormal gait/posture; incoordination, loss of balance; problems sitting, lying, crawling, and walking Mercury
Decreased locomotor activity Aluminum, Arsenic
Convulsions; seizure Aluminum, Arsenic, Copper, Lead, Mercury, Thallium
Other Physical Disturbances
Hypotonia or hypertonia; decreasedmuscular strength X metals
Rashes, contact dermatitis, eczema,itchy/irritating skin Arsenic, Copper, Lead, Mercury
Muscle pain; headache; acrodynia; colic Arsenic, Copper, Lead, Thallium
Alopecia (hair loss) Thallium


How long should a session last?

It is important to understand that session time is dependent upon how the body reacts to the session. If a person gets light-headed, nauseated, or a headache end the session immediately. Some individuals need to build up to the recommended time. Others may experience a euphoric or itching sensation, while others may not feel anything. Each of these situations is not only normal, but expected.

It is important to begin each session on the “Cleansing” setting. If you want to do an energy session only it is fine to do so, but do not exceed the recommended session time for the “Energy” setting.

Age +Polarity (Cleansing) -Polarity (Energy) Total
4-7 yrs. 6-9 minutes 2-3 minutes 8-12 minutes
8-12 yrs. 9-13 minutes 3-5 minutes 12-18 minutes
13-17 yrs. 14-22 minutes 5-8 minutes 19-30 minutes
span >18 & Older 30 minutes 10 minutes 40 minutes

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