What To Do If Your Healed Tattoo Is Bumpy Or Itchy

So, you have some beautiful artwork that has been fully healed but then…. bumps arise and the itching begins….what is happening?

This is more than likely the dry to humid harsh change in weather. Any time we experience a big change from dry to humid or vice versa, it can react with our already healed tattoos.

Things you can do!

1. Rose Water – pure rose hydrosol only – ACCESS HERE

2. Thin layer of Protect Your Ink or healing salve – ACCESS HERE

3. Benadryl

4. Some type of antihistamine that works for you

5. All natural lotion

Big things NOT to do

Don’t let your tattooed area stay really wet…when you get out of the shower, make sure it is fully dry, then apply the rose water (or whatever method you are going with). When we trap water in the skin…it is almost the same conditions as heavy humidity

Do NOT pick at or itch it. I know it’s hard…but leave it be and things will get back to normal much sooner!

Read the ingredients of anything you do put on it. Make sure it is as natural as possible, to avoid potential increases in the issue

Keep your artist posted on how things go over the next few days to few weeks!

In extreme cases… It could be related to an allergic reaction to the ink. This more than likely would happen during the healing process, but in very rare cases, it can occur. Usually red or yellow ink is the culprit. In an extreme case like this, if it is causing problems on a regular basis (and quite frankly, making you crazy) speak with a medical professional and potentially look at removal of the tattoo if they cannot help you with some medications.