Charles Comber – “Baby Handz”

Body Art Technician Master

Charlie has been tattooing since 2008 and was given the nick name “Baby Handz” due to his extremely light hand.

Charlie specializes in:

Fine Line
Long lasting color
Original art
Black and grey

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Casey Cronk

Body Art Technician

Casey has been tattooing since 2020. She comes from a family of artists and has always enjoyed and created art since she was a child. She particularly enjoys script, bold lines, florals, and traditional designs!

She joined the Pinups & Needles dream team in 2022 and is looking forward to continuing her education and enhancing her skills with Charles “Baby Handz” Comber.

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Caelie Wilkes

Body Art Technician Apprentice

My name is Caelie (pronounced Kylie). I started my tattooing journey in 2021 under a master out on the West Coast. I moved to Michigan in 2023 and am mostly experienced in small tattoos. I love hearing people’s ideas and making them a piece of art!

I am looking forward to continuing my education and skills under Charlie at Pinups & Needles!

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