Identification Requirements for Tattooing Minors

***Our artists that will tattoo minors 16+ are: Charles and Casey

Caelie does not tattoo minors***

  • For any procedure involving a minor. Michigan State Law requires that the parent be present to sign the paperwork, remain present during the procedure, and provide to the studio their id, the birth certificate of the minor, and some form of id for the minor having the procedure done. Acceptable forms of ID include:
    • For the parent, one of the following:
      • Driver’s License, State ID, Military ID, US Passport / Passport Card
    • From the minor (both required):
      • Birth Certificate (We can accept an unaltered photocopy) and one of the following – Student ID, State ID, College ID, US Passport, Passport Card
    • We cannot accept printed copies of ids or something just shown on a phone
    • Each time a service is performed a new client release and copy of the ID must be made.


Tattooing Age Limits

16-17 years old