15 Top Gas Mask Tattoo Design Ideas for Girls and Men in 2020

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Often people get tattoos to decorate their bodies. A gas mask tattoo can hardly be called a beautiful pattern. It refers to the type of tattoos that carry a specific meaning. The gas mask was created relatively recently. Its main function is to protect the respiratory system from chemicals. The owner of such a tattoo does not trust the world, he lacks a sense of security. However, the meaning of this figure may have other interpretations. Let’s know more meanings of it with some cool designs:

  • Gas Mask Tattoo: Meaning
  • The Meaning for Girls
  • The Meaning of Tattoo for Men
  • Skull and Gas Mask Tattoos

Gas mask tattoo of maciej_karsnicki_tattoo via Instagram

Gas Mask Tattoo: Meaning

The first gas masks were used by doctors during the plague epidemic. The devices allowed them to contact and care for the sick. The gas mask tattoo can be a good idea to memorize this significant invention. In the middle of the 20th century, the first gas masks were invented, which were glass caps with mounted hoses. Through it, pure oxygen entered the human lungs. The devices turned out to be ineffective, as 60 workers died from the evaporation of mercury while painting the domes of the cathedral in St. Petersburg.

Gas mask tattoo of krezente via Instagram

Later, filtering and isolation devices were invented. The principle of the former was that the gas mask filtered out the polluted air. The insulating gas masks were equipped with a pure oxygen cylinder, that is, no air from the atmosphere entered the lungs. Which pushed the development of human’s fire fighting. And a gas mask tattoo can also be seen on a fire fighter’s skin.

Gas mask tattoo of tattooist_sool via Instagram

The main function of the gas mask is to protect vital organs. The owner of such a tattoo does not feel safe. He feels the need to defend himself against the world and people. A gas mask tattoo can be applied by people as a result of severe mental trauma, as a result of which they no longer have confidence in others. The owners of this picture have a secretive nature and are not used to showing their emotions. They have few close relationships with anyone.

Gas mask tattoo of torrestattoo via Instagram

A tattoo with a gas mask indicates isolation. The owner of a gas mask tattoo lives in his own world and only there he feels comfortable. Such people often choose professions in which they do not need to have too much contact with others. Communication with people destroys their personal space, and they begin to feel as if they were pulled out of a cocoon.

Gas mask tattoo of lee_reynolds_tattoos via Instagram

The gas mask informs about a solitary lifestyle. A person with a gas mask tattoo, due to social passivity, has a rich imagination and lives by his own fantasies. Among the owners of such a tattoo are writers, poets, composers. They create works of art from their soul. And while their lifestyle may seem boring to many, they themselves do not think so. They are very sensitive and receptive people.

Gas mask tattoo of alesandr_marshalkin via Instagram

Open people can fill a body pattern with a gas mask as a sign of their despair. They feel severely lacking in emotion and may be depressed. The owners of the gas mask tattoo demonstrate a cry from the heart, a request for help and an extreme degree of dissatisfaction with life. They are not fenced off from others, they are ready for contacts, but for some reason they remained alone.

Gas mask tattoo of renato_nenadic via Instagram

The meaning of a gas mask tattoo also depends on the color scheme in which the picture is depicted. Dark tones, puffs of smoke indicate a serious mental state. The owner of this tattoo experienced a strong shock, as a result of which he completely closed himself off from the world. Light colors can indicate that a person is in need of protection. He lacks a sense of security, but needs communication.

Gas mask tattoo of rattattoofreiburgtattoo via Instagram

A tattoo with a gas mask may indicate that its owner is always fully armed. He is ready for extreme situations, able to maintain a cool head and a sober mind. Such people are suspicious of others and trust few people. The protective device is sometimes stuffed in order to stand out. A gas mask tattoo will surely pique the interest of others. In this context, the tattoo has no negative meaning.

Gas mask tattoo of nestorasfotiadistattoo via Instagram

The Meaning for Girls

A tattoo with a gas mask can hardly be attributed to cute underwear designs. Girls who choose a gas mask tattoo inform others about their independence and ability to protect themselves. They do not need someone else’s help and are self-sufficient individuals. Women with this tattoo are very secretive, and it is never known what they really think about.

Gas mask tattoo of netopeyr.ttt via Instagram

A gas mask on the girl’s body indicates the presence of masculine qualities. Tattoos are chosen by bold and determined women. However, such character traits can only be external. In fact, girls with a gas mask tattoo are very vulnerable and sensitive. In this case, the tattoo plays the role of a mask.

Gas mask tattoo of rafkette via Instagram

The Meaning of Tattoo for Men

Young people choose a tattoo with a gas mask in the context of hostilities. Often the gas mask tattoo is complemented by planes, tanks, weapons and military equipment. The body drawing symbolizes the man’s ability to defend and fight. Most often, the tattoo is depicted in a realistic style, since it looks the most impressive that way. For young people, a gas mask symbolizes courage, fighting spirit, courage.

Gas mask tattoo of spirs_rytus via Instagram

Gas mask tattoo of tradethissleep via Instagram

Skull and Gas Mask Tattoos

A gas mask tattoo indicates that its owner looks at other people through the prism of his own judgments. In addition to the fact that he has a protective device that separates him from the world, a skull is hidden under him. This suggests that the person experiences an extreme degree of isolation. This may be the result of severe mental trauma, when a person still shows signs of physical existence, but is deep within himself. The owner of a gas mask tattoo may look as if “out of this world”, he lives in his fantasies and only there he feels safe.

Gas mask tattoo of panigian via Instagram

Gas mask tattoo of sedated_sloth via Instagram


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