Best Seahorse Tattoo Design Ideas for Men and Women

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If you are looking for some marine animal tattoo designs, this article of seahorse tattoo design ideas will be your best choice. I am going to show you my ideas with some hot images on Instagram. I bet you will get your own design idea after reading this article which is consisted of three sections:

  • Introduction of Seahorse Tattoos
  • The Meaning of Seahorse Tattoos
  • Different Types of Seahorse Tattoo Designs

Seahorse tattoo design of @lewismckechnie via Instagram

Introduction of Seahorse Tattoo Designs

The word seahorse comes from a genius called “Hippocampus”, a word which can be translated as “sea horse monster”. In some circles, the association of the hippocampus with creativity is to be attributed to its name. No wonder there are so many people who get seahorse tattoo designs to show their own attitude.

Seahorse tattoo design of @katiebeeart via Instagram

These adorable creatures are usually found in temperate tropical waters. The Water element is considered to be the element of the spirit: many spiritual gurus and yogis practice meditation exercises with a source of running water nearby. This close relationship with the subconscious explains why seahorses are totems of creativity and meditation. Therefore, you can get a seahorse tattoo design to flaunt your creativity.

Seahorse tattoo design of @murielzaotattoo via Instagram

Seahorses are unusual inhabitants of the underwater world, which outwardly look like a chess piece “horse”, hence they got their name. Tattoos with these sea inhabitants are widespread due to their beauty and mystery. As a rule, such a seahorse tattoo is endowed with a positive meaning and reflects the good qualities of its owner.

Due to their fragile structure, seahorses are more likely to be prey than predators in the vast untamed world of Earth’s oceans. This is why they are masters of camouflage. They change color quickly and easily in order to stay alive, which is why many people consider them to be survivalists. They never move in the sea in a visible way; their movements resemble those of a coral carried by sea currents. For some, this represents the attitude of this creature towards life: “to let yourself be carried by the current”. I believe that you are a person of your own style and love freedom, a seahorse tattoo design will tell others this.

Seahorse tattoo design of via Instagram 

Many cultures have attributed different spiritual symbols to these little totems. If you take a closer look at the classic Disney movie, The Little Mermaid, you’ll notice that King Triton’s servants and messengers are seahorses. It is not a coincidence; the animators of the film have chosen to respect the role that seahorses have in Greek and Roman mythology: servants of Poseidon / Neptune. Seahorses are believed to be the carriers of lost souls and the spiritual guides of those who die in the dark depths of the seas. Many people get a seahorse tattoo design because of this meaning. In many places in Asia, seahorses are seen as signs of good luck and they are often used in local medicines.

Seahorse tattoo design of @inocculto via Instagram

The Meaning of Seahorse Tattoo Designs

The seahorse represents a set of human traits, including:

  • Patience and tranquility
  • Protection
  • Friendship and cooperation
  • Persistence
  • Creativity and meditation
  • Fatherhood

-General Meaning of Seahorse Tattoos

Being quite fragile creatures, seahorses have developed an amazing ability to survive. Their entire body is covered with thorns, which helps to defend against other animals. They can also change color, merging with their surroundings. This helps them to avoid attacks by predators and to disguise themselves before attacking prey. Food for these fish is small crayfish and shrimps. A tattoo with this creature can mean that a person has great resilience and can handle difficult situations. Some people will get a seahorse tattoo design to remind themselves that even though they are struggling with what they are doing now, they can get through it.

Seahorse tattoo design of @kingfisherdaisy_art via Instagram

Seahorse tattoos can be applied by people who want to emphasize qualities such as devotion and loyalty. When these sea creatures find a mate for themselves, they live with her all their lives. Another feature of these animals is that the young are carried by the male, not the female. After the fry is born, she places them in the skate’s pocket, where they gain strength.

Seahorse tattoo design of @__noone__ink via Instagram

In Greek mythology, skates symbolized magical abilities. Images of these animals can be found in temples. The Chinese believed that this animal is a guide to the afterlife. He was depicted in burial places so that the soul of the deceased could make a smooth transition to the kingdom of the dead. You can see many seahorse tattoo design on the body of Chinese.

In the modern tattoo industry, the seahorse tattoo symbolizes a person’s ability to move forward and not give up in difficult life situations. With their miniature size and weak defense mechanisms, these animals have learned to adapt to habitat conditions, avoid danger and survive. A seahorse tattoo is a reminder that there is always a way out, you just need to carefully look around.

Seahorse tattoo design of @blood.blxck via Instagram

The seahorse is a calm and peaceful creature. He never attacks first, and uses his spikes only for defense. Seahorse tattoos are stuffed by people with a soft and friendly character. They avoid conflict situations and seek to resolve issues peacefully.

In Chinese culture, the body drawing with a skate is a talisman against the forces of darkness, symbolizing healing and longevity. Representatives of the maritime professions fill a similar image as a talisman to attract good luck. It is believed that the skate helps to avoid storms and obstacles while swimming. For fishermen, fish symbolizes favorable weather conditions and a rich catch. By this token, a seahorse will be the best choice for fishermen or sailors.

Seahorse tattoo design of @billyhardintattoos via Instagram

Different Types of Seahorse Tattoo Designs

1. Tribal Seahorse Tattoo Design Ideas for Men and Women

Tribal seahorse tattoo designs are great for showing the world that you identify with a region’s native culture and that just like the seahorse, you can float through the harsh currents of life and protect those close to you, in order to become something beautiful.

Seahorse tattoo design of @aceshightattooshop via Instagram

2. Cartoon Seahorse Tattoo Designs for Men and Women

Cartoon seahorse tattoo designs show off your jovial spirit and your fun, loving side; they show the world that you make the principles of mutual respect, friendship and cooperation your own. Many people get a cartoon seahorse tattoo design in honor of a child.

Seahorse tattoo design of @anna.tattoos via Instagram


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