Best Snake Tattoo Design Ideas for Men and Women in 2020

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If you are looking for inspiration for your snake tattoo, you’ve come to the right place. Snake tattoos are usually in dark style, but I am going to tell you something about the meaning of snake tattoos and show you some fabulous images of snake tattoo designs from Instagram. So read on the following parts and let yourself be charmed by the mysterious allure of this fascinating reptile:

  • Introduction of Snake Tattoo Designs
  • Meanings of Snake Tattoo Designs
  • Different Types of Snake Tattoo Design ideas:

– Tribal Snake

-The King Cobra

-Eagle and Snake


-Coiled Snake

-Dagger and Snake

-Rose and Snake

-Lion and Snake

-Skull and Snake

Snake tattoo design of fanaa_5 via Instagram

Introduction of Snake Tattoo Designs

As they are very ancient reptiles, snakes have fascinated and frightened human beings for thousands of years. They have been powerful symbols, present in thousands of stories from scriptures to present-day modern narratives. We have put together a little snake tattoo dictionary for you that explains the meanings behind different versions of snake tattoo designs.

Snakes are powerful forces of nature that symbolize man’s primary desires and instincts, but also obstacles to our spirituality. While some snake tattoo designs symbolize demon mortality and temptation, others represent lofty principles and the strength of resilience. If you know of any other outstanding snake tattoo design, let us know by leaving a comment in the section provided!

Snake tattoo design of jessicasvartvit via Instagram

These magnificent creatures have gained a bad reputation because of their role in the history of the creation of Abrahamic religions like Judaism and Christianity. But snakes have been an integral part of human history long before the story of Adam and Eve was written. Therefore, it’s not unusual for people to get snake tattoo designs.

Snake tattoo design of rupintart_com via Instagram

Meanings of Snake Tattoo Designs

Depending on your cultural point of reference, snake tattoo designs can symbolize a large number of human characteristics and traits. Among these, we find:

  • Healing and rebirth
  • Sexual energy and fertility
  • The temptation
  • The vindictive side
  • Intelligence and cunning
  • Nobility
  • The divine

Snake tattoo design of f.henx via Instagram

Different Types of Snake Tattoo Design Ideas

1. Tribal Snake Tattoo Design Idea

Every indigenous society uses a unique set of patterns to represent its history and culture. These snake tattoo designs have special meanings and are usually connected with the spiritual world and the natural elements of that region. Thus, snakes are among the oldest religious symbols in human history. From the Germanic tribes of ancient Europe to the native plains peoples of North America, many cultures around the world have associated these incredible creatures with deities and figures from local folklore. Symbols of your strong connection with indigenous heritage, tribal snake tattoo designs are a fabulous way to express your thoughts to the world.

Snake tattoo design of emo.tatts via Instagram

2. Snake Tattoo Design Idea of the King Cobra

From the banks of the Nile to the Hindu temples of India, the king cobra is revered as a sacred emblem of the divine. As a king symbol of the pharaohs, the Uraeus represented the king’s heavenly lineage and was a key element in commanding the loyalty of the inhabitants of the Egyptian Empire. In Burma and India, street snake charmers take tricks with king cobras placed in wicker baskets. This kind of snake tattoos are poked with an ink-containing snake venom and according to legend, these tattoos protect the charmer from the vicious attacks of snakes. Whether or not this belief has a scientific basis is still a mystery. The snake tattoo designs of king cobra represent our connection with the divine and are symbols of social status, nobility and wealth.

Snake tattoo design of tingting_tattoo via Instagram

3. Eagle and Snake Tattoo Design Idea

The snake is a representation of sexual passion and temptation, while the eagle is a bird reserved for the noblest people with the most irreproachable morals. These two animals are a living contrast and represent the struggle between our honorable intentions and our wild and vindictive nature. People with this kind of snake tattoo designs might be provocative. It is a representation of the inner struggle that we wage (do what is right or behave morally wrong?) And the war between God and the Devil. In many variations of this design, God is the victor and the eagle is usually shown victorious.

Snake tattoo design of worldofneotrad via Instagram

4. Rattlesnake Tattoo Design Idea

These lethal animals were held in high esteem by the Aztecs, Mayans and other indigenous peoples of Central America. The importance of these creatures in North American history also cannot be underestimated. When the settlers chose the famous Gadsden Flag with the iconic rattlesnake symbol and the words Don’t Tread on Me, the image of the deadly rattlesnake, as their mascot of the oppressed, sparked a spark in a large number of people and particularly in those who were “on the other side of the pond”. Some people get a rattlesnake tattoo design to tell others their status.

Snake tattoo design of valhallvaror via Instagram

5. Coiled Snake Tattoo Design Idea

A coiled snake is a deadly creature ready to launch out and unleash its fury at any moment. This is a sign that appearances can be deceiving because, beneath a calm appearance, the snake is ready to attack in the blink of an eye. A coiled snake tattoo shows the world that you have a deadly personality hidden beneath your composed and quiet appearance.

Snake tattoo design of juniper_tattoo via Instagram

6. Dagger and Snake Tattoo Design Idea

You may have already wondered why the universal symbol of healing and medicine is made up of two elements (a dagger and a serpent) that can, in fact, kill. Known as the Caduceus, this image represents the symbol of Asclepius, the Greek god of medicine and healing. Snakes have often been associated with the pagan symbols of rebirth and fertility, which is why this snake tattoo design holds the privileged position as a universal symbol of renewal and transformation.

Snake tattoo design of rbettz via Instagram

7. Rose and Snake Tattoo Design Idea

Roses are the ultimate symbols of love, affection and beauty. As a sign given to a lady to woo her heart, the rose is a symbol of the pure and chaste nature of femininity. Plus, what woman could resist a bouquet of enchanting flowers? But what exactly does a rose and snake tattoo mean? In short, temptation. Such a tattoo represents the loss of innocence and beauty of a delicate flower at the hands of an evil and deceptive intoxicant.

Snake tattoo design of via Instagram

8. Lion and Snake Tattoo Design Idea

Much like dragons, lions are special male symbols of primary power and strength. The lion is the king of the jungle and his awesome roar makes anyone who listens to him trembling. On the other hand, the slippery snake is the thinker of Mother Nature, it is the animal that plays a mental game of chess while the others are still at the beginnings of their learning of this game, to put it so. figured. A lion and snake tattoo personifies the struggle between your rational and animal side: thought versus action.

Snake tattoo design of lanabananderson via Instagram

9. Skull and Snake Tattoo Design Idea

Skulls are symbols of death and decadence, a horrific reminder of human mortality. The meaning that derives from a skull and snake tattoo depends heavily on your cultural background. In Western societies, both images have come to represent the complete destruction, spiritually and physically, of a being. The image represents the final stage of decline and death at the hands of a feared creature. But, in other cultures, the serpent is an emblem of healing and rebirth. When accompanied by a symbol of mortality such as a skull, the image represents the cycle of death and rebirth and is similar to the symbolism of the Ouroboros.

Snake tattoo design of via Instagram


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