Top Dinosaur Tattoo Ideas for Men and Women in 2020

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This is an article about dinosaur tattoos. If you are looking for inspiration and dinosaur tattoo meaning, this is the right article for you. Whether you like small dinosaur tattoo or that of a large size, the gallery of dinosaur tattoo designs wouldn’t let you down. Here are the contents for you:

  • Introduction of Dinosaur Tattoo Designs
  • Meaning and Symbolism of Dinosaur Tattoos
  • Variations of Dinosaur Tattoo Design Ideas

-Dinosaur Tattoo of T-Rex

-Cartoon Dinosaur Tattoo

-Baby Dinosaur Tattoo

-Dinosaur Tattoo of Skeleton

Dinosaur tattoo design of artist Xi, Zhu of inktells

Introduction of Dinosaur Tattoo Designs

When most people hear the word “dinosaur,” images of Jurassic Park and Godzilla immediately spring to mind. Their existence has been one of many elements of the old debate about evolution as opposed to creation There is still some mystery within the scientific community as to the exact causes of the extinction of the species. Just because of this, more and more people get dinosaur tattoo designs to show their love and curiosity to it.

Dinosaur tattoo design of worldtattoo_ers via Instagram

Meaning and Symbolism of Dinosaur Tattoos

Dinosaur tattoos have little spiritual meaning. People who wear these designs tend to associate them with the admirable strength and power of a hunting T-Rex rather than identifying with the feeling of being outdated and old-fashioned. “Being a dinosaur” is a common way of expressing seniority.

The dinosaur tattoos are not the most popular. The majority of women wear more feminine dinosaur tattoos. Men prefer them more fierce and their tattoos are much larger. Men want menacing-looking tattoos and therefore choose carnivorous dinosaurs.

Dinosaur tattoo design of adepttattoo via Instagram

Dinosaur tattoos are mistakenly considered to have no meaning. While we can’t really identify with them and don’t have a real connection to these reptiles, getting a dinosaur tattoo is a great way to show off the strength and power of these inspiring animals.

Among the dinosaur tattoo fans, there are those who love archeology, especially re footprint tattoos and skeletons. Some archaeologists and paleontologists spend their entire lives studying theropods and wear a tattoo to make their research meaningful and show their appreciation for these amazing animals from the Jurassic, Late Cretaceous, etc.

Dinosaur tattoo design of simkins_tattoo via Instagram

A lot of people who love the Jurassic Park franchise also love dinosaur tattoos. They get them done to show their interest and sometimes they even go further and tattoo the actors at the same time.

The most common response from those who have dinosaur tattoos  is that they admire their strength and that is the reason why they chose them. Dinosaurs are symbols of strength and tattooing them sends the same message. They did not go through time in history, but they were the most dangerous animals back then.

Dinosaur tattoo design of wayward.tattoos via Instagram

They can also symbolize power, which is different from strength. The power of the dinosaurs represents the emotional strength of the wearer of the tattoo. Wearing a dinosaur tattoo often indicates that its wearer is very proud and has the inner power to fight against any obstacle in life. Power and strength are great symbols to wear, aren’t they?

If you like dinosaur tattoos and can’t find a special meaning in them, that’s okay too. There are people who just like to see the dinosaur tattoo on their body, and don’t try to figure out what it symbolizes. But it is not uncommon for the subconscious to find meaning in a dinosaur tattoo and that bond with the tattoo. Everyone is different.

Dinosaur tattoo design of naashtattoo via Instagram

If you’ve always been interested in them and thought about them with respect, then you will always love to see dinosaur tattoos depicted on your body, and over the years it will become even more meaningful to you.

Many people choose dinosaur tattoos because they remind them of their childhood, when they admired dinosaurs, dragons and other fantastic creatures, or they dreamed about the ancestors of mammals during their history class.

Dinosaur tattoo design of via Instagram

Variations of Dinosaur Tattoo Design Ideas

-Dinosaur Tattoo Design Idea of T-Rex

Tyrannosaurus Rex is the king of the dinosaurs. It is the most popular animal of the species and the main subject of many dinosaur tattoos. Who could forget the image of a roaring Tyrannosaurus Rex in Jurrasic Park! T-Rex tattoos are generally associated with the indomitable strengths and power of these massive beasts.

Dinosaur tattoo design of @hsia_tattoo via Instagram

Dinosaur tattoo design of @ gogetchucked via Instagram

It is one of the most common dinosaur tattoos because the Tyrannosaurus Rex is considered the most majestic carnivorous dinosaur of all. He was even feared by other predators.

Those who tend to get a T-Rex tattoo want to show off their strength and power and sometimes even warn others about their impulsive nature and character. You don’t have to be like that to get a dinosaur tattoo of the T-Rex, but it’s just an inner drive that some people have.

Dinosaur tattoo design of @raptorlazer via Instagram

Dinosaur tattoo design of @kabverme via Instagram

-Cartoon Dinosaur Tattoo Design Idea 

Many cartoons have used the image of these gigantic animals to make adorable characters. Cartoon dinosaur tattoos are the expression of our childhood memories and our days of innocence.

The cartoon was so popular that many people got dinosaur tattoos back then, and these tattoos are still in demand today. Those who were marked by the film and those who have fond memories of it keep it until today.

Dinosaur tattoo design of @ juliaseizure via Instagram

Dinosaur tattoo design of @pt78tattoo via Instagram

They are very colorful and vivid so they are best suited for people who know how to wear this kind of dinosaur tattoo. It must be the centerpiece of the body, in order to get the attention it deserves. It is usually found on a part of the body that can be easily seen by wearing shorter pants or shirts with short sleeves.

Dinosaur tattoo design of via Instagram

-Baby Dinosaur Tattoo Design Idea

This tattoo is highly regarded by women who find them cute and warm. It’s a good choice if you want to show off your non-aggressive nature and cute side. And to go with this dinosaur tattoo find this magnificent moonstone ring.

Dinosaur tattoo design of @buoythefishlover via Instagram

Dinosaur tattoo design of @mia.j.tattoos via Instagram

Sometimes the baby dinosaur tattoo design in the company of its dinosaur mom to show the maternal nature of the wearer. For some women, it is related to their children and for others it is simply because they are working with other people, maybe children.

The baby dinosaur tattoo is also very nice to wear on the neck, ankle and wrist because its tiny size is one of the things that makes it so cute.

Dinosaur tattoo design of klare_koa_tattoo via Instagram

-Dinosaur Tattoo Design Idea of Skeleton

Dinosaur skulls are always very beautiful. This is why some people only tattoo the skull instead of the entire dinosaur tattoo design because the skull always looks majestic.

A particularly effective dinosaur tattoo may be a tattoo of several dinosaur skeletons, as depicted at the Natural History Museum. Those interested in paleontological studies usually choose this one.

Dinosaur tattoo design of @amandaherrenartworks via Instagram

Dinosaur tattoo design of @newtattoo_akiwong via Instagram


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