Unique Spiral Tattoo Designs That Will Inspire You

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People have applied the image of a spiral to the body since ancient times. It was believed that this symbol has special power and helps a person to acquire certain qualities. Although the drawing is very straightforward, the spiral tattoo is very popular in body painting. It is hardly possible to fill such an image, pursuing only aesthetic goals. Such a symbol performs different functions depending on the place of its application and means different for males and females. Of course, they can be designed in many ways too.

Spiral tattoo by the_ploxe

Spiral: The General Meaning

The spiral structure is the most common shape in nature, and DNA and many other microstructures found in biological cells adopt this structure. A spiral tattoo means life and revolution.

“Why is the spiral structure the way it is now? The answer in the past was determined by the gravitational force between molecules. But this can only answer how the spiral structure is formed, not why they are that shape.” University of Pennsylvania Randall Kamen, a professor in the Department of Astronomy and Physics, pointed out, “In essence, a spiral structure is a better way to gather a very long molecule in a crowded space, such as a cell, such as DNA. ” No matter why it looks like the way it is, many people are fascinated by this pattern and get their own spiral tattoo designs.

Spiral tattoo by zwart.ttt

In the dense environment of cells, long molecular chains often adopt regular spiral structures. This not only allows information to be tightly integrated, but also forms a surface that allows other particles to combine with it at certain intervals. This extends another meaning of the spiral tattoo – connection and intimate relationship.

In ancient times, tribes of different peoples applied a spiral to the body in different variations, thanks to which it was possible to determine belonging to a particular tribe. A spiral tattoo that ends on both sides meant belligerence and fearlessness. And the figure, spinning into the center, personified the highest knowledge and wisdom.

Spiral tattoo by tattoomer

The spiral tattoo symbolizes the cycle of life and energy in nature. Such a tattoo indicates the belief of its owner in immortality and reincarnation. The spiral reflects the cyclical nature of the processes occurring in the Universe. In this case, the narrowed part of the spiral symbolizes movement. This means that life does not stand still and has a very specific direction.

There are images of a closed spiral, for example, in the form of an infinity symbol. A spiral tattoo symbolizes infinity, since, moving along such a spiral, one cannot go beyond this symbol. This tattoo is stuffed to preserve internal energy. Such a tattoo helps its owner not to waste vital energy on unnecessary things and not be a source of nutrition for evil spirits.

Spiral tattoo by pinupsandneedles

If the spiral is depicted on the chest, and its last curl is concentrated in the area of the heart, the spiral tattoo indicates a person’s deep spirituality. Such people in their actions rely on their own feelings and intuition. For them, the moral side of the issue is important and the concept of rationalism is alien. The owners of a spiral tattoo keenly feel the experiences of other people, have compassion and strive to help everyone.

The spiral tattoo, located in the solar plexus area, is designed to develop the volitional qualities of a person. Such a drawing helps its owner to cope with various fears. The spiral located in this place is aimed at opening the third chakra. Having mastered this center, the owner of the tattoo begins to feel endless enjoyment of life, satisfaction and openness. For such people, the need to prove to others that they are right disappears.

Spiral tattoo by wellnesswithmallory

They become self-sufficient and self-confident individuals. A spiral tattoo will help a person feel inner strength and get rid of the fear of authorities. Also, the spiral in this area contributes to the strengthening of physical health and gives the gift of healing. A person begins to realize his place in life and ceases to give any assessment to phenomena. He perceives the world as it is.

The spiral tattoo located in the navel helps the tattoo owner to become the master of his own emotions. The tattoo symbolizes the stability of mental processes and inner harmony. Such a wearable drawing is able to rid a person of greed, arrogance, envy, jealousy and blind love. The symbol helps to establish harmonious relationships with the opposite sex, gain sensuality and self-respect. The owner of a spiral tattoo becomes a magnet for money and other attributes of the material world.

Spiral tattoo by redtreetattoo

A spiral tattoo depicted in the throat area helps a person achieve the highest success. It is especially suitable for people of creative professions, as well as those whose work is related to voice and speech (teachers, orators, etc.). Tattoo promotes taking responsibility for your life. Such people begin to independently realize their plans, not relying on the help of others. A spiral tattoo gives a person a sense of self-confidence, harmonious relationships with people and faith in the abundance of the Universe.

Spiral tattoo by fabio.sciascia.tattoo

As for Spiral Tattoos for Men and Women

Young people most often choose complex patterns with a spiral that occupy a significant part of the body. The spiral tattoo can go from the arm and extend to the chest. Such a drawing indicates a strong character, fearlessness and riskiness. The owners of such a tattoo love new sensations and strive to enjoy life to the fullest. They are not afraid to live, they are prone to adventurism and love dangerous adventures.

The spiral tattoo for men symbolizes the belief in immortality and the inevitability of a successful outcome. Young people with such a tattoo have boundless wisdom and spiritual maturity. They do not have rigid convictions, easily accept change and do not judge others. With such people, it is easy to go through life and be yourself.

Spiral tattoo by gangtattoo.studio

To reveal femininity and sexuality, a spiral tattoo is stuffed on the lower abdomen. Such a tattoo helps girls to reveal their sensuality and the ability to receive physical pleasure. Also, a similar underwear pattern helps women to conceive a child.

The spiral in the solar plexus area is suitable for ladies who want to establish their own positions. This applies to both marital relations and position at work. Such a drawing is able to reveal leadership qualities in a girl and help in promotion. The spiral tattoo in the heart area symbolizes creation and relieves the fair sex from resentment and dissatisfaction with life.

Spiral tattoo by sacredjungletattoo

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