Kira Nelson – 5 Star Review

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I set up an appointment with Charlie for my first tattoo back in the beginning of July. We texted ideas and specifics around for a bit and everything fell into place with ease. He even was thoughtful enough to send a detailed map on how to get to the shop!
When I arrived for my appointment the scenery was very different from my expectations. Such a colorful and welcoming environment!
Onto the actual tattoo. I may not have any other experience to go by, but the level of pain from my tattoo was extremely minimal. A cat scratch is an apt way to describe it, and I get scratched by cats more often than I should due to how many cats I am always around. Speaking of cats. Charlie’s heckin cat is the most fabulous creature I have ever seen. His haircut is… UGH. I won’t spoil it. ��
Back on track. My time at Pinups and Needles was phenomenal. I know I’m awkward in most social situations, and not once did my quirks cause those “looks of pity” I receive far too often. Not to mention the artist made one of my least favorite activities (touching other humans) a much more pleasant experience then I could have ever dreamed for. I will definitely be going back too have more tattoos done by Charlie. �